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Classes times are CENTRAL TIME (CDT/CST)

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FIT Fusion

          It is a 60-min class that will work on all the muscles on every angle with a hint of cardio!  Class breakdown: 

          *20 minutes of Cardio Dance Toning,

          *20 minutes of PUMP Code (strength, focused mostly on the upper-body).

          *20 minutes of Mind&Body: a mix of PowerBARRE and Pilates.            During the PoweBARRE part, we will focus on thigh and gluts work.  The Pilates comes at the end to work some core, flexibility, and stretching! Check the calendar above for classes day/time.  See you there!

Barbell and Kettlebell Weights

Power PUMP

          A 60-min workout that involves moderate to high-intensity resistance training to build strength and tone your muscles!  Usually, this format is done with barbells and hand-weights however, I adapted mostly to hand-weights since not everyone has barbells at home.

          So, grab your hand-weight, a mat (or not), a towel to sweep your sweat, and join me for the next class!!

Zumba Dance Class

Cardio Dance Toning

          Dance & Tone is a 60-min class in which you will have a lot of fun and get some extra workout in!!

          We will incorporate some light-weight dumbbells (2lbs to 5lbs) to add some resistance training while having all the fun (and working on that cardio) dancing and shaking! 

          We don’t use the dumbbells (or any hand-weight you have available) 100% of the class.  It is almost like a 60/40.  We want to work some resistance, but we also want to add those cardio peaks intervals so you can benefit even more from this class.            Looking forward to having you in my next class!

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